Installing Angular

Download and Install Node Package Manager.  NPM is a must have to work with Angular.

Note:  ng commands such as install generate serve build etc only require the first letter of the command. Example ng g c <your component name>.  g for generate and c for component.

Brand new installation of Angular starts here (This takes a few minutes. 200mb of files)

npm install –g @angular/cli 

Updating an older Angular 5.x or newer application. Go to the root directory of where your projects are stored and run the following command. 

npm install --save-dev @angular/cli@latest 

After Angular is installed. For a new application use the ng new application_name command. 

ng new app_name --routing --style scss 

The Angular CLI makes it easy to create an application that already works, right out of the box. It already follows our best practices! 

ng generate 

Generate components, routes, services and pipes with a simple command. The CLI will also create simple test shells for all of these. 

Type localhost:4200 to view your application

ng serve  OR Open to a new window  ng serve –o

OR if you cannot use 4200 pick another port

ng serve –o –port=4202

AND if you want faster compile times. You have a couple of choices

Ahead of Time (AOT) – Compiles your app at build time:   ng serve –aot

Just In Time (JIT) – Compiles your app in your browser:   ng serve –jit

When you ready to deploy.

To compile your application for production:

Complete Build (Use this for Production ready build) à ng build –prod