Python – Dictionary

Overview A Dictionary is an implementation of a data structure which is better known as an associative array. The key difference between a regular array is the index can be a string vs a number. So it is a key value pair that can be stored to look up key and the value associated with

ASP.NET Web API – Basics Part I

Download Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio. Open Visual Studio 2019 and select Create a new project From create new project type web api c# in the search bar and then select ASP,NET Web Application. Type in the name of your project such as MyFirstWebAPI ang hit next. Select Web API and click on

Angular Reset Form Builder

Overview In this quick tutorial, we will reset a form after a successful submit has occurred. The fields will be cleared and the Validators will be reset. In the component.ts file. From the submit function use the reset() for the form. Then for each field use setErrors(null). This was the only way I was able