ASP.NET Web API – Basics Part I

Download Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio.

Open Visual Studio 2019 and select Create a new project

From create new project type web api c# in the search bar and then select ASP,NET Web Application.

Type in the name of your project such as MyFirstWebAPI ang hit next.

Select Web API and click on next.

This will take several seconds to create your API.

Once it is done go ahead and run it by going to Debug and Start without debugging. OR hit CNTRL F5

Now from the browser click on the API menu item from your web app.

Click on GET api/values

You should see the following:

Congrats! You just created your first API with ASP.NET.

Lesson II we will connect to a database and get the results but for now play around with the controller labeled ValuesController.

Good Luck!