UI/UX Resources

Photo by Farzad Nazifi on Unsplash

Images, Videos, And Vector Graphics

Undraw.io – Free Vector Images

Illustrations,co – SVG & PNGs

PixaBay.com – Free Illustrations, Images, Videos, Music, Sound Effects

Pexel.com – Free Images – Real Photos

UnSplash.com – Free Images – Real Photos

VectorStock – Some Free – You can buy credits and purchase SVGs for about $1.00

FlatIcons – More icons than you could ever imagine. 13$ a month last time I checked but they have great specials throughout the year. Pricing here

Material Icons – Free

Font Awesome – Free and packages for $50 to $100 annually. Pricing here.

https://gauger.io/fonticon/ – Favicon Generator

CodeCogs has an Equation Editor to generate SVGs.


LottieFiles.com – A large collection of really cool animations.

UI/UX Mockup Tools

Figma – Alternative to Adobe XD. Free for individual use. Requires login.

Framer – Interactive mockups. Free for individual use. Requires login and some knowledge of how to code.





JavaScript Libraries

Charts.js – Beautiful opensource chart library.

D3.js – Amazing library and resource. Steep learning curve but absolutely worth it.

GreenSocks – for web animations.

Framer Motion for React.

Three.js – Awesome 3D library. Very much worth the learning curve.

CSS & General Coding Examples

https://codepen.io/ – Code Pen – Tons of really nice CSS, JS, & general code examples

Material UI

Material – If you want to use Material UI then this is a great resource for the design philosophies behind it. There are many examples of do’s and don’ts when if comes to general UI design. This is information compiled over many years from top Graphic Designers and Developers at Google. View this free resource at https://material.io/design/

To install the libraries for Angular, React, or Vue.

UI PackagesNot Free

Kendo UI offers a lot of components and tools for ASP.NET, JQuery, React, Angular, Vue, and Blazor. Their documentation is exceptional. The cost is around $1000 to $2200 annually. Check here for pricing.

Creative Tim has free and paid templates for JQuery, React, Angular and Vue.

CodeCanyon has very affordable templates to help you get started.

WrapBootstrap another good resource that sells templates.