Visual Studio 2019 – Error – Nuget Packages Are Missing – Solution


When cloning older copies of MVC or MVC Web API applications from GitHub you might run into a Nuget Packages are missing error. Applications that have Nuget packages installed in addition to what it came with as a new project may get this.

The following is the build error that comes up when rebuilding the solution.


Note: This is just one way to resolve this error. For more options you may want to read through the documentation provided by Microsoft.

Do the following to resolve this.

Click on the Show All Files icon in the Solution Explorer pane.

You should see a folder labeled packages.

Delete the packages folder and rebuild your application.

Plan B – Another Route

If all packages are already installed and there is nothing to restore

Try running the following command in the Package Manager Console

use nuget locals all -clear 


dotnet nuget locals all --clear

Also may need to update the installed Nuget Packages.

Then Cloning this repo will require you to install the nuget packages. Try an update to get everything installed

That’s it!