React-App Template Features Overview

Overview React is a library and not a framework, but the React-App template has many features out of the box that you may not be aware of, These features can help organize an application’s components and pages. By taking advantage of these features, you can have an folder structure that is easier to read and

Angular – Root Module Setup

Overview This post will go over the most commonly used libraries and why they are needed. These libraries enable features such as binding, reactive forms. animations, and HTTP services. Why is this important? A brand new Angular Application created with ng new your-app-name, is configured with the bare minumum libraries. One of the many frustrations

Angular – Material Dialog Box

Overview The example is a basic example of an Angular Material Dialog Box. This post will walk through how to create the application, install and configure Material, and build a Material Dialog Box. The application will have a table that will open a record in the dialog box. In the dialog box a text field