React – Formatting Dates and a Date Picker with a Range

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Examples for handling dates in React with Moment & Date FNS, and a date picker that can disable days outside a date range.


Moment.js is a popular JS library for handling Date Time formatting operations. You can get all the details from their website here.

npm install moment

Example of formatting a date from a records field labeled Date Created.

The original data looks like this: 2021-06-07T10:13:30.34

The formatted date: 06/07/2021

import moment from "moment";

return (

Date FNS – Material Table Column

Formatting a date with Date FNS in a Material Table column definition. The current date is created with new Date() and then formatted with format() from date-fns.

import { format } from "date-fns";

{ title: 'End Date', 
  field: 'EndDate', 
  filtering: false,
  render: rowData => { 
    var date = new Date(rowData.EndDate);
    let currentDate = new Date()
    if(date <= currentDate) {
      return `Expired: ${format(date, 'MM/dd/yyyy')}`; 
    else {
      return format(date, 'MM/dd/yyyy'); 
  type: "date",        
  dateSetting: { locale: "en-US"},

If you are not able to import Date FNS then you

npm install date-fns

Example Start and End Dates

Example of a start of today and end date that is one month into the future.

var startDate = new Date();
var endDate = new Date(startDate.setMonth(startDate.getMonth() + 1));

Example of a start of today and end date that is 7 days into the future.

var today = new Date();
var startDate = today;
var endDate: new Date(today.setDate(today.getDay() + 7));

React Date Picker

React Date Picker has the option to only allow for a certain date range to become available.

npm install react-date-picker

The example below only shows the current date to 60 days into the future,

import InputReactDatePicker from 'shared/InputReactDatePicker';

<InputReactDatePicker label="From Date"