SQLite Database – Windows 10


This article will go through the steps needed to install SQLite. SQLite offers a lightweight portable SQL database for developers. Although SQLite is not a replacement for MS SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL, it is built into most mobile devices. According to SQLlite’s website there have been over a trillion downloads. https://www.sqlite.org.

Download SQL Lite

At the time this post was written version 3.36.0 was available.

Install SQL Lite https://www.sqlite.org/download.html.

Setting up SQL Lite on Windows

Extract the files and put them in a folder in the your root of your C: drive under a folder labeled “.\sqlite3“.

Remember or copy the path to the sqllite3.exe file for the environment variables.

Go to Environment Variables

Click on Path under System variables and click Edit – Or Double click on Path

Click on New to add a path for the executable “.sqlite3sqlite3.exe

Add the path to SQLite3 folder.

SQL Lite Studio(Optional)

If you want an IDE similar to SSMS or SQL Server Developer then you can install SQL Lite Studio from https://sqlitestudio.pl/.

Run SQLiteStudio.exe



Windows protected your PC message


The following solution is from https://www.minitool.com/backup-tips/windows-protected-your-pc.html

Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security.

Navigate to Windows Defender and click Open Windows Defender Security Center.

Click the App & browser control section, scroll down, find Check apps and files and turn it off.

check apps and files is off