Register Vercel Site Domain with Google


If you ever want your site to get traffic from Organic Searches, then register the site with Google. Depending on how good your content is, it could take weeks to months before anyone out there sees it in a search result. So register your site as soon as possible. You will have plenty of time to fix/update your site. Once Google picks it up, other search engines will see it.

There are two ways to register a domain purchased through Vercel with Google Search Console.
Option 1. Go to and follow their instructions.
Option 2. Use the Vercel CLI.

Both methods work. This post will go over how to use Option 2 Using the Vercel CLI.

Google Search Console

Go to the Google Search Console Dashboard.

Click in the Search property field. Then click on Add property.

You should see the Dialog Box below/ Type your domain. Example Do not type http, https. or www, just the domain. Click on CONTINUE after you type the domain.

Afterwards you will receive a unique verification code to add to the domain DNS.


DNS for a Single Site – Vercel CLI

Open a command prompt or shell and install the Vercel CLI globally

npm i vercel -g

From the command prompt log into Vercel.

vercel login

After running vercel login you will be presented with the following authentication options. If you are already logged into GitHub then choose that option and hit enter.

Afterwards a new browser tab will open which you can close as instructed.

Using the Vercel CLI, make a DNS entry. Replace the VERIFICATION_CODE or everything from “google-site-verification=VERIFICATION_CODE” with the key generated by the Google Search Console.

Note: Include the double quotes

vercel dns add "@" "TXT" "google-site-verification=VERIFICATION_CODE"

Now go back to the Google Search Console and click on VERIFY.