Angular Material Reactive Forms & Node.js API CRUD

Overview This article is an overview of a simple CRUD application to manage users. The application is built with Angular Reactive Forms and Node.js for the API. The example application will show a text fields for name, email, description, and a material drop down list for categories. The edit user form will get the record

Angular Material Badge inside a Tab Label

Overview A quick how-to on showing a Material Badge in a Tab Title. This post assumes that you already have an Angular application with Material and want to add a Badge to a Tab Title <mat-tab>. Show Badge in a Tab Label using ng-template With the <mat-tab> tag use <ng-template> with the mat-tab-label instead of

Angular – Root Module Setup

Overview This post will go over the most commonly used libraries and why they are needed. These libraries enable features such as binding, reactive forms. animations, and HTTP services. Why is this important? A brand new Angular Application created with ng new your-app-name, is configured with the bare minumum libraries. One of the many frustrations