How to use MUI Autocomplete with API Calls to a SQL Database in Next.js.

Overview In this article, we will once again explore the awesome combination of Next.js and Material UI to create a dynamic autocomplete with data fetched from an external API. Since Next.js is a full stack framework, we will implement an autocomplete component that leverages API calls to retrieve real-time data. This would would be useful

Upload Excel Data to SQL Server Table with SSMS

Overview One of the easiest ways to import excel table data to SQL Server with SSMS, is to upload as CSV. This is a non-programmatic approach to transfer table data from excel to SQL Server. The Excel file is first exported as a comma delimited text file also know as CSV. CSV is one of

ASP.NET C# Web API with SQL Server – Upload Multiple Images to Folder

Overview The Web API in this example records the title and uploads files to a folder. The title is added as a new record to a table labeled “Products”. After the title is saved, the Product ID is then stored along with Image size, mime type, new filename, and path to the “ProductImages” table. The